What is Chris Edwards Doing on 7de Laan?

So there was Chris Edwards, looking all un-Chris Edwards like, in the Deli on 7de Laan last week.

We got a quick intro through a conversation with Neville Meintjies. His new name is Wesley and he is in the media game.

Could he turn into a rival for Neville and Tim?

He had a menacing glint in his eye. Or was I imaging that?

Its good to see Eckard Rabe in action so soon after Egoli ended. And his name is in the closing credits with the main cast.

So he’ll be around for a while.

Other 7de Laan news :

Paula is looking rather pretty now that her portrayer Diaan Lawrenson is pregnant. Her very slightly fuller face suits her. And her hair is pretty as well.

As for Hotlips and Neef Gert…I love that they’re back, wreaking havoc.

As usual San-Mari just works my last nerve. When will that girl get a clue? She’s rivalling Gita on the nastiness scale.

I’m looking forward to see where Chris Edwards…uhm Wesley’s character will fit in.

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