7de Laan: Yayyy for the Flooze!

San-Mari’s reign of terror against the Paula/Altus relationship came to a violent end Wednesday night. I haven’t enjoyed a klap as much as when Paula’s chomma aka Flooze, aka Hotlips knocked the jealous red-head out for the count.

San-mari was still happily trying to ruin Paula’s relationship with Altus, even after seeing how heart broken Paula was.

She again tried to get Paula’s ex-boyfriends to call her when the Flooze overheard a telephonic conversation San-Mari was having. Flooze confronted San-Mari and warned her to stay the heck out of Paula’s business.

Next thing I knew, San-Mari was laying on the floor – out for the count.

In this evening’s episode, she sported a black eye. And for her trouble she was warned to stay away from Blondie (Paula) and Blommetjies (Altus) or have every bone in her body broken.

Newly evil San-Mari threatened to put Flooze on the streets.

Hilarious stuff.

I love having Flooze and Neef Gert back in the Laan.  They’re all action, those two,


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