7de Laan: Gita has her Baby

After her dramatic labour, Gita gave birth to a baby girl in this evening’s episode of 7de Laan. She named the child Ava, after her mother or grandmother (I forget which) she explained to Tim.

Tim, the baby’s father ended up being in the hospital room when the baby was born, leaving boyfriend Herman in a state.

Herman freaked out because Tim was at the birth and he, Herman, felt excluded.

However at the end of the episode the roles were reversed with Herman cooing over the baby while Tim stood at the door watching.

Doting 'dad' Herman. But for how long?

So we’re probably in for a little love triangle with Gita in the middle while Tim and Herman fight it out for her (and the baby’s) attention.

This must be the cutest baby I’ve seen in a long time (besides my family of course 😛 ). I swear she was smiling already!


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