7de Laan: Egoli’s Krynauw back to terrorise viewers?

The last few minutes of 7de Laan introduced a new character played by Hannes van Wyk formerly Krynauw du Boisson on Egoli.

I nearly missed the whole scene because of that damn Vanessa! I had to change channels to avoid her and Xander.

Anyway, managed to see a scary looking guy, looking much like Egoli’s Krynauw, appear at Gita’s flat.

Alan employed him to manage Gita’s never-been-heard-of-before laundromat.

I’m not sure if it’s a cover for something more sinister.

Because when old-Krynauw opened his mouth to say order is whiskey “straight”, it sounded scary.

Gita was almost out of her skin happy.

I’m not sure why.

But I already like that new character as I’ve mostly liked good and evil Krynauw.

Welcome to the Laan Krynauw. Hope he stays longer than Chris Edwards.

Ps. Is the new boekwinkel guy Bart the Second?


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