7de Laan: Please Someone, Jail Vanessa!

I’ve been giving 7de Laan a break because of that damn Vanessa being on every single day!

The stupid woman has been constantly having fights with her husband Xander. When he decided to leave, it came as no surprise as the two hardly had a moment of peace since they married.

I don’t want to see soapie characters constantly fighting. And if Vanessa isn’t fighting with her husband, she fights with her mother Charmaine!

Anyway, so recently ex-boyfriend (and father of her never mentioned deceased child) Sheldon, enters the fray. Conveniently just after Xander moved out!

He gets involved with a drug ring, involves Vanessa and she gets arrested for drug smuggling/dealing/whatever. Who cares!

I was just wishing they keep her in prison.

But oh-no, when I popped in for the last 5 minutes of 7de Laan last night, the woman had been released on bail!!!!!


I was hoping for at least a month of Vanessa-less 7de laan!

Now she’ll be moping around for ever and a day.

Just shoot me now!


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