Isidingo is Getting Interesting Again

I all but gave up on Isidingo when it became first the Barker, then Farrow and most recently Lesedi show. And stopped watching completely.

Not even channel hopping to SABC 3 during 7de Laan.

A few weeks ago I managed to hop on over to Isidingo during a Vanessa moment on 7 de Laan and almost forgot to switch back to SABC 2!

So engrossing was Isidingo.

Having Cherel back is already making things interesting and thank goodness she’s not hovering around Barker Haynes, but rather the new family.

You can already see how she’s going to snag herself another rich man.

Kimberley has also gotten a lot more interesting than she was when I last saw her. The new Kimberley started of brilliantly and then faded into the same boring character as everyone else had become.

But then they paired her with Len and she became softer and even sweet. I almost felt sorry for her when she decided to marry Barker. I could understand how torn she was between love for Len and the security that Barker could give her and her son.

Then there’s the Matabanes who had long ago lost the plot. Having Agnes file for divorce was a good thing. But my favourite was when Agnes chased that girl Lerato (I think) out of her house on Friday – threatening to use the sjambok!

LOL – I used to love when she threatened Zeb’s former mistress.

Even the Rajesh/Priya/Frank story looks like it is going to be soooooo good! I can hardly wait to see what’s going to happen with the baby’s adoption.

Will Priya and Frank get back together???

All in all, Isidingo seems to be hitting the right notes again. Lets hope they can get their viewers back!


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