7de Laan: Christel, WTF!

I’m sorry 7de Laan fans, but I’m on another enforced break from our favourite local soapie.

The reasons are many, but the main one is down to Christel’s story.

Christel was once a favourite 7de Laan resident. Only daughter of Madel Terblanche and sister to Tiaan and Jan-Hendrik.

We viewers should have been happy to see a member of the now extinct Terblanche family on our screens again.

Instead we get a crazy loon of a woman, hallucinating at a drop of a hat.

Last night when she had a nightmare that sounded more like a wet dream, I had to say enough!

And whats worse? The end doesn’t even seem near.

I refuse to sit through bad acting (even for a soapie) and an even worse writing. Anna-mart van der Merwe can usually sell any story, except this one.

Until the storyline is done…see ya when I see ya 7de Laan.

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