7de Laan Spoilers – February 2011

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Tuesday 1 February 2011
Episode 2407

Xander finds something in tannie Schoeman’s flat that helps to make sense of everything. Pieter and Lanie have an argument.

Gita is worried about Ava’s safety. Isabelle is not an open book when it comes to Helena.

Wednesday 2 February 2011
Episode 2408

Isabelle confronts Tim about Helena’s secret. Matrone finds out the truth about tannie Schoeman’s death.

Charmaine sees Bonita with another man and feels uncomfortable. Dawid hears Pieter is struggling. Clint puts more pressure on Gita.

Thursday 3 February 2011
Episode 2409

Thomas tackles Xander again. Clint finds something out and puts pressure on Gita.

Diederik has an idea for the clothing sale. Will Bonita like the place Vince wants to show her? Gita gets something suspicious in Ryno’s home.

Friday 4 February 2011
Episode 2410

Will Pieter accept Dawid’s invitation? Gita gets Helena’s selphone number on Isabelle’s phone. Paula makes sneaky plans to sabotage San-Mari’s Prontuit.

Clara is on her way back, but not without a crisis. Felicity realises Sanjay wasn’t where he said he would be.


Monday 7 February 2011
Episode 2411

San-Mari is ready for war when she sees the Times placed a Paula Prut and not a Prontuit. Pieter gets asked to think about Dawid’s offer again.

Felicity suspects that Sanjay is cheating on her, but she is proven wrong. Gita gets something of Beverly Downing’s.

Tuesday 8 February 2011
Episode 2412

Ryna has an idea for a new book. How will the photo session for the posters for the fashion show go?

Dawid is not impressed with Pieter’s attitude. Clint tells Gita what he will do with Isabelle and he makes a call.

Wednesday 9 February 2011
Episode 2413

Paula is in a state when she sees all the hate mail for Paula Prut. Xander and Vince argue about Bonita.

How will Pieter react when Dawid criticises his paintings? Ryno leaves for the West coast and Isabelle gets a threat.

Thursday 10 February 2011
Episode 2414

Please note: 7de Laan will not be on today because of the broadcast of The State Of the Nation Address. There will be two episodes tomorrow from 18h00 – 19h00.

Friday 11 February 2011
Episode 2414 (at 18h00)

Diederik is worried because he hasn’t heard anything from Clara again. San-Mari hears there were complaints about her Prontuit.

Charmaine confronts Bonita about Vince. Sanjay and Valerie want to talks things through. Isabelle is in a state after a phone call from Clint.

Episode 2415 (at 18h30)

San-Mari is scared that she’ll lose her space in the Times because of Paula. Sanjay lies to Felicity about his lunch date.

Auntie Schoeman finally gets her memorial tea. Vanessa feels guilty because she has to work for Wentworth. Isabelle receives news involving Helena.


Monday 14 February 2011
Episode 2416

Tim is uncomfortable when Isabelle flees after a call and she confides in him. It is chaos at the jumble sale and Diederik is gone.

Pieter invites Lanie to have a look at his paintings. Bonita and Vince argue about the man that bothers her.

Tuesday 15 February 2011
Episode 2417

Tim talks to Gita and wonders if he must help Isabelle. How will Pieter react when he hears that Lanie talked about his paintings?

Emma must make a plan when one of the judges cancels. Lukas must help at the deli and Herman wonders. The winners of the fashion show are announced.

Wednesday 16 February 2011
Episode 2418

One of the waiters resigns at Oppiekoffie. Xander tells Felicity what he saw. Tim follows Isabelle when she leaves to do the hand-over.

Gita tries to warn Clint. Tim sees something that makes him restless.

Thursday 17 February 2011
Episode 2419

Isabelle warns Helena that someone knows where she is. Charmaine organise a family dinner but she refuses to invite Bonita.

Will Felicity forgive Sanjay? Tim confronts Gita but will she come out with the truth?

Friday 18 February 2011
Episode 2420

Lukas asks Xander for advice with regards to his warning. Vince asks Vanessa about the dinner and they have an argument.

How will Oubaas and Hilda’s day turn out at the spa? Tim threatens Clint with a pistol and the truth comes out.


Monday 21 February 2011
Episode 2421

Oubaas and Hilda’s spa day didn’t go as planned. Dawid talks to Pieter about his attitude towards his exhibition.

Xander wants to discuss something with Vanessa. How will Valerie react when she hear it is over between Sanjay and Felicity? Tim confronts Gita.

Tuesday 22 February 2011
Episode 2422

Ryno wonders about Isabelle. Xander has a new work prospect. Will things end in a fight when Vanessa invites Bonita for dinner?

Tim makes a decision that wrecks Gita.

Wednesday 23 February 2011
Episode 2423

Emma hears Dawid has to go away. How will Neville feel when he hears Vince bought the building where Bonita works?

Oppiekoffie gets a waiter in Lanie’s place. Gita goes to Xander for legal advice. Vanessa and Xander have an argument about his work.

Thursday 24 February 2011
Episode 2424

Kabelo and Charmaine have problems with Oppiekoffie’s books. Neville tells Xander he is worried about Vince. Xander and Vince have an argument.

Zinzi doesn’t know what to do with regards to Gita. Dawid says goodbye. Felicity opens her heart to Charmaine.

Friday 25 February 2011
Episode 2425

Vanessa humiliates Xander and makes it worse when she tries to fix it. Oppiekoffie’s books are a bigger problem than they thought.

Lukas makes a huge mistake with the sport bag suppliers. A crushed Gita tries to find out how Ava is doing.


Monday 28 February 2011
Episode 2426

Diederik gives Errol some tips on dating Natalie. Lukas is in trouble with Herman. How will Charmaine feel when Bonita fleas from her?

There is a flame between Sanjay and Valerie. Pieter hears what Justine wants from him.


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