7de Laan Spoilers – August 2011

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Monday 1 August 2011
Episode 2536

How will Linda feel about Bernard,  who’s gone, and Tim who’s going away? Matrone and Hilda want answers from Felicity about their necklaces.

Rick is not happy when he sees Emma and Ryno together. Len visits Gita.

Tuesday 2 August 2011
Episode 2537

San-Mari is upset about Kabelo’s friend. Zinzi is panicky about her being alone at Hillside Travel.

Will Rick take Emma back? Kabelo is upset when he sees Patrick with another girl. Kim is planning an evening alone with Pieter.

Wednesday 3 August 2011
Episode 2538

Ryno’s publisher is angry when he is not there for their meeting. Pieter realises thet Annelie knows about him and Kim.

Will Bonita be able to hide from Vince? Zinzi is angry when Kabelo ruins her and Patrick’s date.

Thursday 4 August 2011
Episode 2539

Vince is not happy about Isabelle and Bonita’s working arangement. Herman sees what Rick puts in his wallet.

Oubaas is very happy when Marcelle, his sisters’s daughter comes to visit. She’s played by Oubaas’ real life daughter Zetske van Pletzen. Zinzi walks in on Aggie and Patrick.

Friday 5 August 2011
Episode 2540

Hilda is upset when she sees Oubaas with a young woman. How will Xander react when he sees Bonita?

Ryno meets his publisher and she is not what he expected. Kabelo goes to comfort Zinzi …

Monday 8 August 2011
Episode 2541

Oubaas doesn’t know why he has to hide behind the sheet and Hilda realises she is wrong. San-Mari is shocked when she hears what happened to Zinzi the previous night.

One of Rick’s family members pitches. Zinzi hears what Gita’s plans are. Vince and Isabelle have a huge fight.

Tuesday 9 August 2011
Episode 2542

Kim isn’t impressed when Pieter offers to assist the new waitress. Bonita realises it’s difficult for Vince while she is in Hillside.

Rick gets emotional when he holds Thinus and Herman sees it. Pieter and Annelie both show up at Isabelle’s. Herman gets info about Rick from Sanjay.

Wednesday 10 August 2011
Episode 2543

Isabelle convinces Bonita to stay strong. Kim is upset because she didn’t hear anything from Pieter the previous night.

Herman tells Felicity how Rick’s wife and child died. How will Kabelo react when he sees Zinzi and Patrick together?

Ryno is not impressed with Marcelle’s notes.

Thursday 11 August 2011
Episode 2544

Felicity wonders if she must go with Hermans plans for the tracksuits. Vince defends Bonita when Neville bad mouth her.

How will Emma react when she finds out about Rick’s wife and child?

Friday 12 August 2011
Episode 2545

Herman is convinced Felicity will change her mind. Lukas is interested in Nicci and Pieter wonders about Annelie.

Emma sees a side of Rick that scares her. Ryno and Marcelle can’t agree about anything. Vanessa goes to chat with Bonita.

Monday 15 August 2011
Episode 2546

Annelie is upset when she sees Pieter and Kim together. Zinzi gets an idea to create World Cup packages for Hillside Travel. Will Herman and Felicity make peace over the tracksuits?

Rick and Emma watch a movie that upsets Rick terribly. Ryno and Marcelle moan about each other to other people.

Tuesday 16 August 2011
Episode 2547

Emma wonders if she can expose Thinus to Rick’s moods. Bonita hears about a competition for flower arrangements.

Hilda is sad when she hears she won’t be able to afford a ticket for Oubaas to the World Cup. Felicity hears Herman puts her above his business.

Wednesday 17 August 2011
Episode 2548

Ryno feels guilty after phoning Boonstra to moan about Marcelle. Charmaine is sceptical about Hilda’s plans to raise funds.

Herman hears that Rick’s wife was a well known singer and that she had an affair. Marcelle is very angry with Ryno, but they manage to make peace.

Thursday 18 August 2011
Episode 2549

Oubaas literally eats all of Hilda’s profit. Emma peptalks Felicity about the track suits. Bonita doesn’t have the courage for the competition, but Errol has a plan.

Kim is upset when Pieter doesn’t want to go out for the night. It’s obvious what Marcelle is thinking about Altus. Emma gets a phone-call from Dawid.

Friday 19 August 2011
Episode 2550

Lukas hears what Bonita did with her prize money. Ryno makes the wrong assumptions about Altus and Marcelle.

Hilda has an idea when she hears Kabelo can sing. Dawid pitches in Hillside. Annelie and Pieter are together during a power failure.

Monday 22 August 2011
Episode 2551

Sanjay wants to do an interview with Marcelle about Ryno’s new book. Kabelo thinks about Hilda’s plan.

Dawid sees Xander about his rights over Thinus and Emma realises she must give in. Herman tries to convince Felicity, but will she agree this time?

Tuesday 23 August 2011
Episode 2552

Dawid wants to take Thinus on a day trip but gets back much earlier than planned. Bonita doesn’t want to fetch vases at Vince.

Hilda is on a roll with organising Kabelo’s concert. How will Ryno react on Marcelle’s interview in the Hillside times? Matrone also plans to go to the World Cup.

Wednesday 24 August 2011
Episode 2553

Matrone has an idea when Errol talks about a bingo evening. Ryno invites Marcelle to go with him to a book launch.

Paula decides Ryno needs a makeover. Errol is with Xander to see what an attorney do every day. Rick sees Emma and Dawid together and follows them.

Thursday 25 August 2011
Episode 2554

Ryno and Marcelle are both upset about the previous night. Hilda jumps to get everything finished for Kabelo’s concert that evening. Rick tackles Dawid in public and he and Emma have a huge fight.

Kabelo’s voice is gone. How will Oubaas react when he realises what Kabelo’s concert is all about?

Friday 26 August 2011
Episode 2555

Vince asks Bonita to do flowers for the deli. Marcelle appologises to Ryno about her behaviour.

San-Mari suggests Annelie must talk to Pieter, but will she get the opputunity? Bruynwaves is shocked when Matrone asks them to help her. Ryno and Marcelle have a positive meeting.

Monday, 29 August 2011
Episode 2556

Will Bonita accept Vince’s invitation to go to dinner with him? Matrone has big plans to raise funds for a ticket to New Zeeland. Rick acts weird and Emma is uncomfortable. Will Ryno and Marcelle’s dinner go smoothly?

Tuesday, 30 August 2011
Episode 2557

Matrone gets Bruynwaves to help with her Bingo evening. Marcelle opens her heart to Oubaas.

Herman is worried about Rick’s moods and Rick is suspicious about Emma’s phonecall. Who will win the big prize at the bingo evening?

Wednesday, 31 August 2011
Episode 2558

Vince invites another girl to dinner and Vanessa wonders about it. Rick tackles someone in the Laan and Felicity realises he has a problem with his temper.

Matrone breaks upsetting news to Marcelle … but will it end there?


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