7de Laan Spoilers – November 2011

Tuesday 1 November 2011
Episode 2602
Are Isabelle and Roux going to lose each other again due to a misunderstanding?

Gita approaches Herman with a new business proposal while Felicity gives him the surprise of his life. Emma is concerned about Xander and Vanessa’s relationship.

Wednesday 2 November 2011
Episode 2603 

Herman’s suggestion catches Felicity off guard. Sanjay buries a long-held dream and Isabelle receives devastating news. Will Ryno’s new book be a success or will it go the way of the previous one?

Thursday 3 November 2011
Episode 2604

It’s Herman and Felicity’s wedding day, but will she finish the dress in time? And that’s not the only problem with the arrangements. Will they have to postpone the wedding?

Friday 4 November 2011
Episode 2605

Herman interviews a possible replacement for Kabelo. Is there any hope left for a reconciliation between Roux and Isabelle? Gita is annoyed with Herman for postponing talks about a business opportunity yet again.

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7 -15 Nov

For newly-wed Vince and Bonita, sharing their love nest with Paula is far from ideal, but who will be willing to move out?

Xander invites Vanessa to a work function, Roux delivers an ultimatum to Isabelle and Vanessa complains to Charmaine about Xander’s attitude.

Willem, the new assistant at Theron & Terreblanche, catches Gita’s eye, Emma hears from Rick and will a crisis with Oubaas cost Isabelle a chance to be happy?

Altus warns Willem about Gita, Vince comes up with a plan to drive Paula out of the flat and Ryno receives good news regarding his book.

Aggie finds out whether or not she’s a finalist in the jewellery design competition, Xander stuns Altus with a shocking confession and Gita’s interest in Willem only increases.

Pieter makes a career change, Vanessa makes a drastic decision regarding her and Xander and Xander’s plans to make up with Vanessa goes horribly wrong.

Gita is not impressed when she picks up a vibe between San-Mari and Willem, Aggie gets an order from an influential client and Paula becomes suspicious about the situation in the flat.

16 – 23 Nov

Can Xander convince Vanessa to move back?

Paula discovers Vince’s plan to drive her out of the flat and decides to turn the tables on him, Flooze arrives and moves in with Paula, Vince and Bonita and an unexpected rival gives Flooze a rough time in the arm wrestling competition.

Bonita tries to bury the hatchet with Xander, Emma sees an opportunity to earn extra money and Vince faces a huge problem at the deli.

Paula is suddenly in cahoots with Flooze, Emma receives good news and what plan does a jealous Gita have up her sleeve with regards to San-Mari and Willem?

Aggie runs into trouble with her new client, Paula gets her way, but suddenly realises  that she has a new dilemma on her hands and Errol is excited about the matric party he’s organising.

Ryno has an idea for a new book, Paula is dejected about her rising pile of accounts and how will Hilda react when she finds out about the problem that Oubaas faces?

24 – 30 Nov

Oubaas is dismayed at Hilda’s idea of how to handle his problem, Errol receives bad news about his matric party and is Xander finally going to give up on his marriage?

The first cracks appear in San-Mari and Willem’s relationship, Ryno finds out who has been watching him and it’s the day of Errol’s matric party, but will he find a new venue in time?

The Flooze offers to spice up Paula’s love life, Gita offers Errol a job in the Maldives and Ryno admits that Marcel’s behaviour has him stumped.

Errol has to decide very quickly whether he wants to accept the Maldives job offer, Paula is horrified at the possibility that Flooze could be staying on permanently and Oubaas tries indulging behind Hilda’s back


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