7de Laan Spoilers/Teasers February 2012

Wednesday 1 February
San-Mari and Kim decide to teach two-timing Bernard a lesson, while Oubaas and Hilda try to make a match for Marcel. Is Herman and Helena’s dinner date as innocent as they make it out to be?

Thursday 2 February
Daleen arrives in Hillside – but why is she suddenly so meek and mild? Bernard wonders why his girlfriends are giving him the cold shoulder and Helena is not impressed when Felicity returns sooner than expected.

Friday 3 February
How will the meeting between Daleen and Bonita go? Sanjay receives the lab reports on the skin lotion he had tested and why does Marko tell Paula she can’t work on the Miss Madeleine project anymore?

Monday 6 February
Vince and Bonita find a house they like, but will their offer be accepted? What is Helena’s agenda with Herman? San-Mari & Kim start manipulating Bernard.

Tuesday 7 February
San-Mari and Kim put Bernard on the spot at Ryno’s fish braai. Helena threatens to make life difficult for Herman. Is romance blossoming between Paula and Marko?

Wednesday 8 February
Why doesn’t Daleen want to return home when her apartment in Cape Town is burgled? Are there ulterior motives behind Helena’s sudden friendliness towards Felicity?

Thursday 9 February
Will head office approve Marko and Paula’s plans for the Miss Madeleine event? Helena sows the first seeds of doubt with Felicity about her marriage.

Friday 10 February
Sanjay suspects there’s a much bigger story behind the Daffodil Dew skin products. Will Neville find a buyer for the Gazette? Herman and Felicity hasten back from a weekend away when there’s a break-in at the boutique.

Monday 13 February
Annelie and Pieter have a row over his attitude. Will Vince & Bonita buy a house they can’t afford? A visitor from the Cape surprises Daleen.

Tuesday 14 February
Sanjay makes a breakthrough in his investigation of Zadar Laboratories. Will Bernard notice that San-Mari and Kim are playing games with him? Daleen realises she’s in trouble.

Wednesday 15 February
Bernard decides to turn the tables on the girls. Gary demands more and more, and Daleen is becoming desperate. Sanjay steps up his investigation. Helena’s behaviour worries Herman.

Thursday 16 February
Bonita finds out Vince wants to borrow R70 000 from private lenders to buy the house. Herman asks Xander for legal advice against Helena. Gary’s threats reduce Daleen to tears.

17 – 29 Feb

Vince gets an offer of financial assistance from an unexpected source, Xander tries to convince Helena to stop harassing Herman and Marko finds out about the threat to Miss Madeleine’s reputation.

Daleen is petrified that Vince and Xander might discover Gary in her apartment, Marko stresses about the Miss Madeleine crisis and will Helena succeed in destroying Herman and Felicity’s marriage? 

Gary interferes in Daleen’s job hunting, Vince and Bonita receive good news and Xander gets an emergency call from Daleen… and the shock of his life at what he finds in her apartment.

Sanjay and the Miss Madeleine execs square off over his article, Neville confronts Vince about the money he borrowed from Gita and Gita shows her softer side to Zinzi.

Neville realises the Hillside Times is facing a cash flow problem, Pieter is faced with a difficult decision and Neville receives an upsetting phone call.

Sanjay makes a shocking discovery about Miss Madeleine, Zinzi realises she no longer wants to be without Tumi and will Felicity ever be able to forgive Herman?

Vince and Bonita are excited about moving into their new home and a phone call from a Miss Madeleine employee helps Marko  to make a decision with far-reaching consequences.


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