7de Laan: Are Paula and Altus Getting Married?

As all 7de Laan and particularly Paula and Altus fans know by now, Paula has disappeared after that stupid fiasco of a relationship with Marko.

We’re used to Paula’s disappearances since she does it quite regularly for a variety of reasons when the actress Diaan Lawrenson takes a long break.

This time though, Paula’s disappearance is only for a month or so. She will be returning towards the end of July as per the 7de Laan spoilers for July 2012 on www.tvsa.co.za!

We know that Paula and Altus are one of the most popular couples in the Laan amongst viewers and other characters, but there is just so much things that can keep the two apart. And we’ve seen it all, including an abusive marriage, various trips to find herself, Steve Hofmeyer  plus that annoying relationship with Marko!

It is time for Paula and Altus to get married and settle down.

If Paula needs to be written out for a while, she can always go away on a writing assignment or travel to fashion weeks around the world.

The reason I foresee a Paula and Altus wedding is the fact that a wedding was filmed in the Laan recently. Marcel and Annelie are talking:

“Marcel: I have seen pictures of the wedding. Everything and everyone looked beautiful.”

While that spoiler might sound a bit vague, it does suggest a wedding. And who, besides Paula and Altie, could it be?

We’ll have to wait and see, but my money is on Paula van der Lecq becoming Paula de Bruyn in the near future.


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