7de Laan: A Main Character Dies during the month of October (Spoiler Alert!)

October 25th is going to be a sad day for the people in 7de Laan when one of their most loved characters gets bad news on the passing of a loved one.

The Laan has killed off main characters before – remember the original owner of the deli, Bart Kruger?  He was definitely a fan favourite, as well as loved by many (if not all) of the characters, especially Hilda.  And he’s great love, Tessa.

Then there was Petra – wife of Jan-Hendrik Ter’blanche while pregnant who died in a car accident while pregnant with his brother Tiaan Ter’blanche’s baby.  Who knew they would kill her off.

Anyway this time the 7de Laan is saying goodbye to Neville Meintjies.  According to spoilers, Charmaine hears of his death on the 25th of October.  His funeral takes place on 29 October.  See spoilers here.

Neville’s last storyline is set to involve espionage, intrigue and cloak and dagger stuff.

Also 7de Laan’s website teased that Lilian Bala is set to return for the funeral.  Spoilers for further down the road indicates that Charmaine neglects Oppiekoffie – understandably.

Neville dying will have a huge impact on lots of characters and storylines – affecting Charmaine, Vanessa, Vince and Xander, and the Hillside Times.

I will especially miss his relationship with Paula – as one of my favourite non-romantic relationships in 7de laan is the one between Paula and Neville.

Unlike their American counterparts, South African soapies are not known to bring back characters from the dead so…

all that’s left to say is RIP Neville Meintjies.




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