7de Laan Spoilers Discussion July 2013

I have to admit that I have not watched more than about three or four episodes of 7de Laan in the last four months.  I stopped watching when Paula had her car accident.paula

And the whole nonsense with Xander having a thing for his sister-in-law Bonita was just ridiculous and sickening to watch, so I didn’t. Not to mention that story line with Marcelle and her father!

Well, Paula’s coming back and that should make things a lot more interesting down the road.  Look out for her on 22 July.  Hopefully she and Altus are still married and that she gets a spark back pretty soon.  Because a depressed Paula will not make for happy viewing.

Secondly Emma has a new man in her life.  Marko, no less!

An odder pairing you will not find anywhere.  But maybe the two will find some love because they’ve been pretty unlucky in the past.

But of course the path of true love never runs smoothly! Because Rick will be discharged pretty soon afterwards and make his way back to Emma and her son Theunis.  We can only that he doesn’t have another set back when he finds out about Emma and Marko!

And now that Vanessa’s pregnant we can only wonder if a baby will give those two stability because they’ve pretty much been separated for almost as much time as they’ve been together.

I actually don’t care, truth be told.

Other rumours include Gita buying T&T and Neville Meintjies imminent return.  Although we’ve heard the Neville rumours a few times before.

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