7de Laan: Paula is back! Again!

From the spoilers, I knew that Paula was coming back on 22 July.  I sort of forgot on the night and was half watching 7de Laan while doing stuff on my computer.paula_and_altus

Each time Pulani and and Sifiso are on, I’m irritated and their story is just stupid anyway because both of them are so annoying on their own and even worse together.  So I wasn’t really paying attention.

I did note that Altus mentioned Paula more than he did in the last few months:

1. When Xander was tallking about divorce (yes, please! although unlikely) and Altus said something about having e-mailed Paula about missing her and not getting a response.

2. When Altus asked Diederick to share his flat because he didn’t want to live alone. And Diederick said he would think about it even though we know he is more than happy staying at Charmaine’s.

3. Altus called Diederick to have drinks.

And just then Paula walked in.

I’m embarrassed to say that I had to wipe away a tear when Altus held out his arms and Paula walked into his embrace.

How sweet was that?

The actor playing Altus, Heino Schmitt is really not good at all, but Diaan Lawrenson brings out the best in him.  As she does with the rest of the show.

Hope they’re not going to carry on where they left off after their baby died.




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