7de Laan: Is Annelie and Pieter Getting Married?

Click link to read about Annelie and Pieter’s wedding.

Looks like Annelie and Pieter are getting married much sooner than we would’ve thought.  Or some would say it’s by time! They’ve been in love for a few years now, although the path was not smooth.


What with first Pieter going off to art school in London for a few months and then Annelie went to design school in New York (I think) and then Pieter refused to understand Annelie’s new job pressures. Not to mention Kim and that new Oppiekoffie waitress dating Pieter for a while.

Finally the stars aligned and the two declared their love for each just last week.  We thought a long engagement was going to be on the cards.  Although no 7de Laan engagement has lasted longer than a week!

But Pieter won that money and now the wedding is taking place this Friday!  No doubt that Felicity and Annelie will come up with a wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses before Friday.  The girls will likely argue about who will play what role in the wedding and Hilda will bake a hideous cake which will leave Matrone not quite speechless.

But that doesn’t matter…

Spoilers say that Pieter will be missing in action on the morning of the wedding, but I’m sure it’s just to give viewers a bit of wedding nerves.  The actors playing Pieter and Annelie are making a movie, so they may be leaving the Laan for a while.

And what better send off than the wedding most fans have been wanting for a while?





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