Generations: On Phenyo vs Dineo – I’m #teamdineo

Seriously people! That Phenyo has a freaking nerve to blame Dineo for his cheating, lying ways.dineo and phenyo2

I couldn’t believe my ears when he accussed her of pushing him to sleep with Noluntu and other women when he was the one who cheated.  And lied.  And plotted and planned with that snake Noluntu to get Sibusiso arrested.

Not only that, he put off their honeymoon to get his nose involved in business that could’ve waited. Plus he put his work before his relationship with Dineo each and every time.

Arggghhhhh…men  like that pisses me off.

Why does Dinnie not just divorce his arse instead of faking a pregnancy to try and get him to stay.  He brought her nothing but 8 months of heartache since their New Year’s eve marriage vows.

Throwing him down the stairs or attempting to shoot him is far from enough punishment for his misdeeds.

It’s too sad to see that poor beautiful and smart woman throw herself at that pointless man to try and get pregnant again.  Hasn’t she been through enough already?

So of course Dineo had to go and find the worst girl possible to buy a baby from.  That girl is going to be nothing but trouble.

But seeing that Phenyo’s days are numbered on Generations, I’m hoping that Dineo gets the last laugh.

She’s far too good for a player like Phenyo who can’t even own up to his playing ways.  A man who blames a woman for his cheating…sies man!


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