The Wigs of 7de laan

Soapie budgets are not what they used to be, I know. But the budgets for wigs at #7delaan must be bottom of the barrel low.

Why the ugly wigs instead of the actresses natural hair, only the stylists will know. Ot why not use real hair wigs or extensions.

Famous for a range of ugly wigs over the years, is queen of wigs Vanessa. The absolutely worst part of this wig is the fact that we are supposed to believe that this is Vanessa’s own hair. On her death bed that wig never left her head for a second!

Vanessa, queen of wigs

Pulane currently wears a wig that looks like roadkill that was run over by a few huge trucks.  She previous wore a ponytail hair piece that looked so much more natural.

Pulane with roadkill on her head

Felicity’s wig looks okay at some angles and totally fake from other angles. But worse is her new penchant for shaking her head and flipping her new hair. She has beautiful natural hair so who knows the reason for the wig.

Felicity shaking what her mama didn't give her

Aggie’s wig which looks as fake as Vanessa and Felicity’s wigs, suits her much better than the other ladies. The best out of a terrible bunch.


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