My 7 wishes for 7de laan in 2014

We all know that 7de Laan hardly ever veer from the beaten path – much like Charmaine’s wardrobe hasn’t changed over the years.  Having said that,  a girl can still wish.

So without any further ado, here are my 7 wishes for the 7de Laan storytellers for 2014:

1. New wigs for all! Especially for Vanessa!  Please! If I may be so bold as to suggest: before making a final decision on the ‘perfect’ wig, first do a screen test. Because what you see on set and what we see onscreen,  may not be the same. Actually,  just go with the actresses natural hair – for better or worse.  It can’t be worse than the wigs.

2. Write Gita more consistently. She is a smart person, a ruthless business woman and a quite devious criminal when she wants to be.  So how does some lightweight like Ty manage to intimidate her? Why does she not set up cameras in her apartment to catch him in the act? How about an alarm? A trap, something? How did she hire an assistant without thorough background check for a job that requires trust and working with other people’s money? It’s not as if Gita is the trusting type.

3. Remember Paula’s baby! It would be nice if we had an inkling that Paula and Altus still remember that their baby died not even a year ago! Just an acknowledgement that the characters live with this huge loss in the way they have grown or something.  Anything!

4. Let the Matrone and Hilda fued rest. It’s 2014. It’s over. It’s boring.

5. A romantic interest for Maria! Now that Aggie is paired up, how about some love for Maria. Imagine the fun!

6. Great drama. Remember Tiaan, Jan-Hendrik, Petra and allmthat drama. Remember Dezi. And how about Sandra Stutterheim getting shot on her wedding day?  Or Felicity and Vanessa fighting over the same man, twice!  I wish for stories that make you excited to see the next day’s episode. That make you root for a character.

7. A new title sequence and revamp of the signature tune,  if that isn’t too much to ask.  Just a rearrangement here and there would help freshen up the soapie. The OppieKoffie upgrade is a step in the right direction.


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