Kim and Diederik, at freaking last! 7de laan

Who would have thought Kim and Diederik would be so perfect for each other??? Although now, in hindsight,  it makes perfect sense.

Both are quirky and both have had it tough in the love department lately.  I wouldn’t describe either Diederik or Kim as sweet, but together they surprisigly are.
Of course in the soapies the path to love – true or otherwise –  is never smooth.

So we started off with Diedie having an unrequited crush.








And then Kim realising her feelings only after almost losing him. At least Kim wasn’t above making a move or two.


Finally, with more than a little help from Danelle, the  chase is over.  For now.


These two remind me a bit of Paula and Altus in their hey day. Very interesting!

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