SABC Wants 7de laan to Diversify

On Friday I stood in the Checkers checkout line and used my time wisely. To check out the headlines  on the covers of the gossip magazines!

And on TV Plus it said 7delaan was set an ultimatim by the SABC to adjust storylines and the writing team! As soon as I got home I went online to buy an electronic version of TVPlus to see what’s what.


Apparently during contract negotiations at the beginning of August, 7de Laan producers were told to get their behind the scenes act in order and hire more non-white staff, as well as to adjust their storylines.

The funny thing is, I was watching 7delaan during last week  and noted that we hadn’t had a ridiculous storyline in a while.  Remember the fashion shows and competitions? Arghhhh I hated those with a passion!  It also occurred to me that the characters had matured and evolved (except for Oubaas, Hilda and Matrone!).

Vanessa and Felicity who are original cast members have noticeably grown.  But also Emma, Marko, Bonita and Aggie.

According to TVPlus changes are going to be gradual over the next year, starting with the sets. Yet none of the 7delaan backroom or frontline staff are set to fired.

If I could have some input on the changes 😉

My suggestions

1. Please dye Paula’s hair back to blonde! Paula is a blonde or change her character, because it doesn’t look right for Paula to be giving makeovers when she is badly in need of one herself.

2. Let Matrone and Hilda either bury the hatchet or stay out of each other’s orbits.

3. It would be nice if the opening changed just a little. I generally mute it…but that’s just me.

4. Please, please do not change the language from primarily Afrikaans. Even though I hardly ever speak Afrikaans, it suits 7delaan.

I like most of what’s going on in the Laan these days. Maybe because Hilda, Matrone and Oubaas are MIA.




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