Paula on 7de laan has lost her je ne sais quoi

I have no idea whose idea it was to change Paula’s hair colour,  but it’s one of the worst 7de laan decisions EVER!

Here’s why:
1. Paula’s personality is blonde. 
2. She’s wrapped men around her little finger because she was blonde.
3. She’s gotten away with all her shenanigans because she could toss those blonde locks and everyone forgot what she did.
4. She could look down her nose at everyone else in 7de laan and charm them at the same time because of that hair.
5. She could give fashion advice because she actually looked like she could give fashion advice.
6. She could surprise 7de laan folk because they underestimated her because she was blonde.
7. Her meanness just looks mean with dark hair.
8. Her dark hair looks unkempt.
9. She has lost her spark, her je ne sais quoi, that something that made her Paula van de Lecq de Bruyn that made us root for her despite everything she got up to

Who would you choose to give you a makeover?

I can understand if Diaan Lawrenson needed to give her hair break. I’m sure all the colouring and heat could have damaged her hair.  But there are other measures that could have been taken.  A wig for instance.

7de laan wardrobe had no qualms about putting wigs on Felicity,  Pulane and Aggie.  Not to mention poor Vanessa over the years. So I’m sure something could have been done with Paula’s locks.

Because it cannot be worse than what she has now.  For example,  it could have been written that she needed a wig temporarily for whatever reason.

If Paula had grown after her marriage to Altus, then maybe the dark hair would make sense. But she hasn’t and what was sort of understandable before is just annoying now.

Paula can’t keep acting like a blonde when she isn’t one anymore. 

Diaan might choose dark hair, but Paula would never!

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