7de Laan October 2014 Spoilers Discussion

According to 7de Laan Spoilers for October 2014, it’s drama all the way in the Laan. Not that that’s good news to me.

I prefer more character stories than the all out drama plots, but hey, I have a remote control and not afraid to change the channel.

But here’s what’s about to go down in 7de laan in October.

The Meintjies family
We already saw last night (Monday, 29 Sept) that Xander received a visit from a lawyer and found out his mother gave birth to another man’s child. And since Mince, I mean Vince is the eldest – even though Xander looks and acts older (same as me and my sister if anyone cares 😉 )  – it seems  Vince isn’t Neville’s son.

We know Vince has had issues with Neville before…and they weren’t on speaking terms for a long time. So that’s not going to go down well.

All the Meinjies family members will be involved from Vanessa who will be playing detective, Errol who will spill the beans, Neville, Charmaine, Xander and of course Bonita will be concerned for her husband. Even expect a visit from Darlene, Neville’s ex-wife and mother to Vince and Xander.

This looks like the best story going down in the Laan during October.  Although Bonita’s acting might get some remote control action.

The van de Lecq de Bruyns
Arghhhhhhhh this going to be by far the worst 7de Laan story of the year, much less the month of October!

The 7de laan writers have no idea what to do with Paula. No idea!  And now they are bringing Kristin back to put a spanner in the works of the Paula/Altus marriage. 

Unbefreakinglievable! Kristin is beyond annoying and not even close to either blonde or bad haircut Paula! In looks or personality. Or anything.

But that’s what we have to look forward. A jealous Paula and a confident, determined Kristin and a dumbfounded as usual Altus.

Count me out!

As if we haven’t already had enough of Emma le Roux and her dramas, October will bring another one. Rick!

Crazy Rick.

Another month of Emma being stalked, scared, and eventually a show down that leads to high drama in her flat.

Oh please!  Enough of Emma! Enough already!

And of Rick.

And Thinus.

I can’t anymore!

As for the rest
Pulane gets a job at Eclectic E
Errol is getting in shape to attract a girl
Charmaine and Danelle are under pressure – which can only mean a new waiter/waitress can’t be too far in the future.
Nadia’s health issues continue…
Bertus and Sonja…blah blah blah.

And here I was enjoying the characters generally acting kind of normal in the last few months.

You can check out the day to day spoilers here at TVSA

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