7de laan Spoilers Chat for November 2014 – Paula Catches Altus and Kristin

*Spoilers updated on 21 Nov. Read newest from bottom of page*
7de Laan November spoilers seem to be playing out the aftermath of October 2014 spoilers with no big new storylines.

The Meintjies family
Vince is still upset with his family over the whole paternity issue.
(Who wouldn’t be at the way especially Xander, Neville and Vanessa have been carrying on gossiping about the identity of Vince’s father without having any facts?)
The month of November starts off with the paternity results.  Though no mention of the inheritance.

Emma and her usual drama
Emma is in legal trouble after a dramatic showdown with Rick in her flat at the end of October. So it’s courtroom preparation and drama for the ENTIRE month of November.  Of course all purpose lawyer Xander will be defending Oscar, uhmmmm I mean Emma.
Oh and Emma will have a date with Marko…yawnnnnn.
And Thinus will have issues.
It’s all about Emma again.
At least the end of Emma (and probably Thinus too) is drawing near when Bertha le Roux leaves the soap on 12 December.

Paula and Altus and Kristin
Despite all his protestations to the contrary,  Altus is enjoying Kristin’s not very subtle attentions. And it looks like in November he gives in to temptation!  Noooo!
As we all know, cheating in 7delaan might not be an all out affair. It could just be a kiss (which is bad enough) or it could be worse.
Altus confesses to Vanessa.
The bad news is Kristin will still be around in November! Nooooo! Just shoot me! Not literally!
Things do not look good for the van de Lecq de Bruyn family.

The rest
-Dewald donates his kidney to Nadia then he experiences health difficulties.
– Bertus and Sonja have their baby daddy issues and Sonja names her child
– Looks like Felicity is having shop troubles.

Read the day to day November 2014 spoilers here.

*Updated Spoilers for November 2014 from TVPlus

Wednesday November 12
Altus reveals his feelings for Kristin in the office while they are working late and the two kiss again – more than once. (keep your gag bag ready)

Thursday November 13
Kristin teases Altus by flirting with the male models on the photoshoot for the Cosmetique Chantal campaign and Altus (the louse) gets jealous.

Friday November 14
Paula takes over the Cosmetique Chantal photoshoot.

Monday November 17
The photoshoot is still going on and Kristin is still putting on her show with the models to make Altus jealous. He obliges.
They are at the office alone again after the shoot and discuss Kristin leaving since the campaign is over. Kristin apparently feels guilty because Altus is married (only now?) and wants to go away to start over.

Wednesday November 19
Paula starts feeling like something is wrong. Altus tries to make up for his guilt by cooking dinner for Paula. Paula can’t make it due to work, so Altus goes off to dinner with Kristin to discuss their affair and decide to end it. Altus drops her off at home and kisses and embraces Kristin at her door.

Friday 21 November

Kristin is again giddy the next morning at the office and buys coffee for all alerting the new 7de Laan voice of reason, Vanessa.

Vanessa confronts Altus who admits to what was going on with Kristin. She tells Altus that he is the only one who can end it and save his marriage.
Monday 24 November
Paula still tries to get close to Altus and thinks she knows why Altus is stressed.

Tuesday 25 November

She walks into the office to find Altus and Kristin in an embrace, discussing their feelings. They turn around to see Paula leaving, heartbroken.

Paula kicks Altus out of their flat and throws his clothes right out the window.

Wednesday 26 November
Paula dresses up and attends the Cosmetique Chantal launch to show Altus what he’s lost. Kristin tries to get Altus’ attention, but he brushes her off. (He got what he wanted from her!). Kristin realises it’s over with Altus and time to hit the road.

Friday, 28 November
Paula cleans house! It’s revenge time!
She comes across Altie’s credit card and goes on a shopping spree and puts his car up for sale online, at a ridiculous price. (Back to normal, then.)

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