Kristin and Altus WTF! 7de laan

What the heck is going on with Altus??? He can’t already be going through a mid-life crisis can he?

The 7 de Laan writers are not making it clear to viewers why he is willing to put his relationship with Paula on the line for Kristin. Paula would dump his arse just based on what has already taken place if she knew about the very obvious flirtateous behaviour going on between Altus and Kristin.

While I want to immediately start calling Kristin names, it’s very clear that Altus is well aware that things are developing between the two of them. And he is not taking himself out of the situation. In fact he does what most cheats do, he makes as if he is doing something to stop it, but doesn’t actually do anything.

He finds reasons to be around her and thinks of her constantly. He feeds the attraction instead of backing away.

Cheating men are NOT attractive! And neither are cheating women, mind you.

I guess, just like in real life though, an affair is a decision two people are prepared to make and then deal with the consequences later.

My guess is Altus misses all the drama of his and Paula’s long courtship now that they have settled into married life.  It was one thing after another which always ended with Paula going off to find herself in a foreign country or Witbank.  Altus was left to deal with the aftermath and a few months later Paula would blow into the Laan again like a whirlwind.


And to be fair, Paula has been going on and on about the same things she’s always been going about.  Herself.

Not that it makes a case for Altus cheating.

Paula does not deserve to have her husband cheat on her.

Who would want to be in Altus or Kristin’s shoes when Paula finds out what’s going on? I doubt Altus is going to be forgiven anytime soon by either Paula or the viewers.


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