Vince and Neville and Paula, Altus and Kristin 7de laan Recap

This past week on 7de laan was hectic what with Kristin and Altus kissing and Vince finding out about his paternity. And here I thought it was going to be a quiet month. Nothing of the sort.

Altus, Kristin and Paula
After the shock of Altus kissing Kristin in a fit of jealousy on Wednesday, Thursday started just a bit awkward.

Altus was trying to avoid talking to Kristin in front of their other colleagues and she was all chirpy and happy, offering to make him coffee! That witch! She tried to engage him in conversation, but he ended it all quickly.

Paula came in and whisked a reluctant Altus out of the office for a couples massage because that solves everything NOT!

But later when they were alone in the office, Altus suddenly confronted Kristin. He wondered if she was playing him by reeling him in with stories to make him feel sorry for her.

She denied it.

They got all emotional…

And once again kissed.

The next day, Friday, Altus once again avoids Kristin by not taking her calls. The downside of being a side-chick, I would say.
But Vanessa has noticed that all is not well with Altus and asks if he had something on with Kristin. He angrily denies it; Vanessa however isn’t buying it.


Vince and Neville
Neville found out that Vince is not his biological son. The whole week he’s been talking about what if Vince wasn’t his son. As if biology alone is what makes a father – son relationship.

He kept the information away from Vince and avoided him at the Boekwinkel reopening.
But then the next day when Vanessa invited him and Bonita to family supper, he thought otherwise.

Neville and the rest of the Meinjies family, including Errol, discussed the paternity issue amongst themselves while avoiding Vince as much as possible during the day. Even Errol was told before Vince. I felt really bad for Vince.

Fortunately a letter arrived at the deli with the results so Vince and Bonita had some privacy to digest the results. They cancelled their plans with the family.

Eventually on Friday night Vince and Neville ended up talking to each in Neville’s office to clear the air.

It looked like the two were getting along just fine, accepting and moving on from the paternity issue.

But before you knew what was happening they started arguing, like they always do.

They both got defensive and that was the end of any reasonable conclusion to their conversation.

I thoroughly enjoyed the acting between Vince and Neville. They were excellent! Jacques Blignaut (Vince) was amazing throughout the week. I really felt for Vince.

Next week promises more drama. I can’t wait for Paula to get hold of Altus and Kristin. No doubt Diaan Lawrenson (Paula) is going to excel!

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