Rajesh vs Altus Battle of the Soapie Affairs on 7de laan and isidingo

So the two least likely characters in the soapie world is deep in the process of cheating on the wives who both Rajesh and Altus fought hard to obtain in the first place.

Both men own their own business and met their girlfriends at work. That’s where the similarities end.



As most SA soapie fans have come to expect, Isidingo is doing by far the better job with their storytelling and making viewers try to see what’s going on with Rajesh.

He married Priya because he was in love with her, but the feeling was far from mutual. She married him because she needed a father for her and Frank’s child. And while the two got close over the years, they were seldom on the same page.  He wants children with her and she doesn’t want anymore. He wants her to quit her dangerous cop job and she refuses.

His new secretary,  Zak is beautiful, finds him attractive and interesting.  Plus she wants children and a home life. She is everything Priya isn’t – supportive,  understanding and affectionate.

So in a weak moment the two have office sex. And share a passionate kiss right in the Kumar house with Hiranya sleeping in the next room!

However,  it’s not all cut and dried with Rajesh. He feels guilty and conflicted, ends it with Zak and wants to tell Priya. Against the advice of Frank and Zak.

Not to mention AK, career criminal,  is on his case pressuring Rajesh to confess to Priya.

But Rajesh Kumar is still very much into Zak and she’s still in his office every day. Who believes it’s actually the end of the affair?



7 de Laan writers are making it far more difficult to understand Altus motivation. Kristin works as a temp at Altus’ company.  She set her sights on Altus at first,  but when he showed no interest,  dated Diederik before breaking his heart. Altus knows all this.

Paula reacted badly to Kristin’s presence at first sight. As did the other women in the Laan.

It’s hard to see why because she has red hair yes, but definitely doesn’t come across as a femme fatal. More like a wannabe.  But Altus falls for her the second time  around when she arrives in town with a client for Bruynwaves.

We can see Kristin for what she is, but Altus is another story. We are not given any insight into what he is thinking, whether he feels guilty or what he wants from Paula or Kristin. We don’t even know if he is conflicted about the two women. Or if he doesn’t know what he wants.

We don’t know if he finds Kristin attractive and if so why. Or if he is still grieving his and Paula’s child’s death.

But that’s 7de laan.  You have to take things at face value when it eventually plays out on our screens.

The wives


Paula has picked up that there is something wrong with Altus, but she trusts her husband. With good reason too!

7de laan writers have not shown Paula – or us – a hint of trouble in paradise.  She is hurt by her husband’s off-handedness,  but thinks it’s work pressure. She knows something is terribly wrong, but doesn’t know what.

Priya doesn’t have a clue! And that’s because she is deeply involved in an investigation with AK. Plus she wouldn’t have known anyway because she believes Rajesh loves her and wouldn’t cheat on her since he is the one to who fought so hard over the years to keep their family together. She sort of takes him for granted like many people do with their partners. The Kumars are like a normal family who expect to be together till death do them part, until a third person unexpectedly upsets the apple cart.

Undoubtedly neither Paula or Priya will be taking any nonsense from their cheating husbands when their affairs eventually come to light.

My guess is Rajesh is the more likely than Altus to leave his marriage.  Unless Priya or Rajesh compromise about increasing/not increasing their family, that marriage is all but over.  Whereas Altus is having a fling to make him feel good about himself.  Kristin would get bored with him well within a month if they had the misfortune to get together.

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