7de laan Spoilers December 2014 – Emma’s Verdict is in!

December is traditionally a month of parties in the Laan what with it being  Christmas and New Year’s Eve and all that. The holidays are not going to be an equally happy occassion for all in 7de Laan.

The moment of truth arrives for Emma on December 11th. Looks like prison is in Emma’s future! And rightfully so since she knew what she was doing when she shot Rick. Her intention was to shoot and kill him. I’m sure we can ask one of the Oscar legal experts 😉

Before that happens,  half of the Laan, including oom Oubaas testifies in court about heaven-only-knows what. Since we know that only two people were in the room when Rick was killed. Rick himself and Emma. Marko wishes he had married Emma before the verdict,  then he would have been able to take custody of Thinus.

Not that it would be a good idea. Thinus is better off with his Ouma and Seunie.

Altus and Paula
There’s no mention of Kristin in December – thank the soap opera gods!  But Paula is on the war path. As is to be expected. Altus tries to help Paula with a function she is doing for Bella Donna.

This is so typical 7de Laan. Before you know it Paula is the selfish one for pushing Altus away because she is hurt and upset.  And no one would have learned anything nor grown in any way from the sordid affair!

Sonja and Bertus
Sonja has her baby on 4 December. And her dad wants to keep Bertus away from the baby.  Don’t these people know anything about the law???? Bertus is finding his feet in his new role as a dad. This should be very cute.

Vince gets stood up and then finally meets his biological father,  gets a deli revamp and Gita on his case again.

Lindile’s exits as a hero of sorts. As long as he justs exits never to be seen or heard of again.

Here’s to a January 2015 of more than just set makeovers. Please 7de laan writers, let Paula and Altus and a lot of the other characters grow in the new year!

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I will keep updating spoilers as they become available, so check back around early December.

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