Uitgevang! Paula Catches Altus and Kristin on 7de laan

This evening started with Paula and Altus  talking in the Boekwinkel.  Paula was being all understanding and nice to Altus so you had to know this wouldn’t last. This being 7de laan and all.


She took the blame for getting upset over Kristin and for pitching up at the photoshoot uninvited and suggested Altus join her for a couples massage getaway.

Altus looked sort of thoughtful and guilty. But he always looks that way.

Later at Bruynwaves the team all leave  at the end of the day- Kristin pretends she’s going to leave and then comes back.  She asks Altus whether they are going to see each other later.

Apparently Altus spent time with Kristin at the Northwing hotel the day before! And Kristin called him on it.

He tells her no, it’s over between them, he loves Paula and she doesn’t deserve this. He will be telling Paula about the affair later that night.

Kristin leaves the office and then later returns.

She doesn’t want it to end, but Altus tells her it has to.  He said maybe if he had met her another time…

And then they hug again.  Who knows how Altus thinks he will get himself out of this mess.

But fate steps in in the form of Paula.  At last someone catches these two who blatently kissed more than once in an office with no apparent doors and went out for cozy dinners in front of everyone.  Not to mention renting a hotel room!

Paula is suitably devastated and Altus and Kristin shocked.

Let the revenge begin!


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