The end of the Affair Between Kristin and Altus on 7de laan

At the end of Monday’s show, Paula caught her husband Altus and Kristin in and embrace at the office.

As expected Paula did not take it very well.  She was upset and angry and took immediate steps. Throwing Altus clothing out the door and telling him to leave.

The next day at work she pretended everything was fine, but everyone, especially her bestie Aggie, could see something was wrong.

When Paula cancelled her beauty launch invitaton, Aggie pitched up at the van de Lecq de Bruyn flat to see what was going on.

At first Paula pretended nothing was wrong, but Aggie kept asking until Paula spilled the beans.  Altus had moved out because he cheated with “that classless bimbo” Kristin.

Aggie couldn’t believe that Altus would ever cheat on Paula.  She thought Paula was Altus’ whole world.

Paula promised to make Altus pay financially and emotionally.

In the meantime Kristin phoned Altus and asked to meet with him.

She told him that it was inevitable that Paula would find out and when Altus told her it’s over with them she said he was the only person who got her. And that they shared their secrets and dreams (Altus has secrets???).

(All we saw was Kristin telling Altus she was in prison for driving drunk and then being involved in a hit and run.)

He told Kristin that he loved Paula and always would.  (Nice way to show it, Altus.)

Nevertheless, Altus was having none of Kristin’s attempts to keep him.  He got what he wanted from that chick and got caught.  Time to move on.


The next day was the Cosmetique Chantal presentation to the clients.  Diederik called Paula and Kristin to remind them to attend.

Paula told Aggie that she would do her duty and wouldn’t give “that bimbo” the opportunity to host the clients with Altus. Aggie told her not to cause a scene.

Paula said she couldn’t guarentee what she would do when she laid eyes on “that Delilah”.

At the launch everyone behaved as well as could be expected.

Near the end of the evening Paula called Kristin aside and tore into her.  She told her that Altus was only interested in her for one thing. Kristin apologised, but Paula would hear none of it. Paula told her that the apology doesn’t fix anything.

Then Kristin fought back saying that she didn’t force Altus to do anything. That it takes two people to have an affair.  She told Paula to stop accussing her and instead ask why her husband had an affair. (Good point.)

After the presentation party the client said they would be interested in working with Bruynwaves again. Kristin said she would assist.  Altus told her that he would handle it.

She realised her time was over and left Altus and Paula to face the aftermath of the affair.


By the end there I was surprised to feel a bit sorry for Kristin.  Not because it was over, or because she didn’t deserve to get what she got or because I’m not happy to see the end of her time in the Laan (for now).

Of the three though I felt most bad for Paula.  She didn’t deserve to have her trust broken like that by Altus – it can never be repaired, regardless of what Altus does or if Paula eventually forgives him.

At the same time though I hope she takes some responsibility for her part in the affair.  She really has been selfish and self-absorbed and pretty much treated Altus like her puppy and not her husband.

I feel least sorry for Altus because he made the choice to follow his little brain without thinking of the consequences and two women were hurt.






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