Tuesday: #EmmaTrial on 7de Laan

Tuesday started with Pulane and Kim gossiping about Emma’s motives for killing Rick.  Danelle was not happy with them!

In court a forensic and a ballistic expert (I assume that is what they are) came to to testify about the shot fired.

The first one spoke about the angle of the shot and we even had a bit of a demonstration in court.  Xander got the witness to concede that the distance between Emma and Rick was quite close when the gun went off.


The second expert witness testified  that the trigger had to be pulled in order for a shot to go off.  Xander tried to argue with the expert, but the judge was having none of it.

He told Xander that the witness had already answered the question about the trigger.


It was not looking good for Emma at all. But things were going to get worse, much worse!

The next witness on was Nadine.  Offering information left, right and centre via the prosecutor to the court.NadineTestimony


She said Thinus and Rick were always happy and excited to see each other, but Emma was nervous around the deceased. She also mentioned that Emma was packing for her and Thinus to go visit her mother to get away from Rick.

We of course know that she was packing to leave the country!  I wonder if the prosecuting team know about the travel brochures that Emma got from Ty! It would be entertaining to see Ty on the stand.

And then Nadine told a lie! She said Rick broke into the Emma’s flat, yet we saw him just walk through an unlocked door!  But no one picked up on that…yet.

The worst part was when Nadine said that Emma told a friend that she would do anything to get rid of Rick.  (Does Nadine actually like Emma???)

Emma’s goose is soooo cooked!




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