Oom Oubaas Testifies at the #EmmaTrial 7de laan

Gita paid Emma a visit to wish her well in court today.


Before court, Xander warned Oom Oubaas to stick to answering the questions and not to make speeches on the witness stand. And for the most part Septimus van Zyl turned out to be a decent witness.


He testified that he saw Rick threatening Emma the day before the shooting outside the flat.  He tried to bring up the fact that Rick had tried to burn Emma and Thinus, but the prosecutor objected.  The judge agreed that was not relevant to this case.

Funny how Emma’s ex-husbands and boyfriends are relevant!


Oom Oubaas told the court that Emma is a good mother who would do anything to protect her child.

Next on the stand was Marko.


Here the prosecutor asked about his relationship with Emma and how it started when Rick was in the mental hospital.  She also mentioned that Emma was married twice, stood Jan-Hendrik Terreblance up at the altar plus she had a son, but  with none of these men.  Marko couldn’t remember Thinus’ dad’s, Dawid Greeff’s surname.

The prosecutor commented that it’s no surprise because there were so many men.


The prosecutor seemed mighty pleased when Marko admitted that Rick got what he deserved.

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