Emma on the Stand #EmmaTrial 7de laan

Today was Emma’s turn to tell her story to the court.  Before proceedings started Xander once again reminded Emma how to answer questions in court.


If only defendants actually did that! Right?

Xander had Emma testify about how she bought the gun 2 years ago and kept it in a safe.  She bought it because she is a single mother living in Johannesburg and had to sometimes go to functions at night.

She only started carrying the gun when Rick started following her again.



On the night of the shooting she found Rick standing in front of her in her flat, demanding to take Thinus with him.  And that’s when she pulled the gun out.  He dismissed her and called for Thinus to go come so that they could leave.

Emma was doing really well at this point.  Telling her version of events calmly, but with just the right amount of emotion to get across how afraid she was of Rick.

Under cross-examination Emma got a little bit more emotional when Prosecutor Botha questioned how the trigger got pulled when the safety catch was on.

Emma said she didn’t know if it was her or Rick who released the safety catch during the scuffle. They went into Emma’s knowledge of guns required to get a gun license.

Under re-examination Xander got Emma to talk about Rick’s mental issues and how he burnt his wife and child. And how he tried to kidnap Thinus previously.



She said maybe Rick wanted Thinus as a substitute for his son.  She got very emotional aksing what she was supposed to do.  She only did what she could to save her son.


Emma all but admitted that she took the law into her own hands.

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