Sonja and Bertus’ Baby is Born! on 7de laan

Sonja thought Bertus had accepted responsibility for their baby and was more than just getting along with each other.   And not without good reason.  He took her for milk shakes in the afternoon and on what she thought was dates in the evening.



However, without Sonja’s knowledge, Bertus was in fact seeing other girls.  He might have said he was taking responsibility for his child, but being in a relationship with the child’s mother wasn’t part of his plans.

As Bernard said: Bertus is 18 years old and he has all these responsibilities when he should be thinking about rugby and university next year.

When Sonja found out that Bertus was seen with another girl she got upset in Eclectic E while talking to Nadia and Pulane.  Next thing you know, she goes into labour!


Luckily oom Oubaas and Charmaine pitched up and drove her to hospital because Nadia and Pulane were in panic mode and useless to Sonja.

Fortunately for her, the labour went by so fast and by the time we got back from the first advert break Sonja was handed a brand new, gorgeous, clean baby boy who she named Wian.


Bertus was no where in sight and in fact had not been informed that his son was about to be born.

Sonja’s parents were there though and as happens even in real life, fell head over heals in love with the newest member of their family despite all the drama when Sonja fell pregnant while in her matric year.

 I really hope the 7de laan writers see the potential of having a new rich family in the laan.  We need another version of the Terr’blance family to spice things up a bit.  For all we know Sonja’s father has a long lost son or daughter or cousins or something.  7de laan definitely needs newer, fresher stories mixed with the older ones.

I like Sonja’s family.  There’s lots of potential for story there.

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