Emma Goes to Prison 7de laan #EmmaTrial

Without much notice to viewers, Emma le Roux’s trial for the murder of ex-husband, arsonist, stalker and would-be-kidnapper Rick Daley came to an abrupt ending.

The Hillsiders were all in an excited mood for Emma’s verdict. Kim didn’t want to be outdone by Paula and marched into Eclectic-E looking for a new Top. The others were all abuzz with excitement!

You would’ve thought these people who preparing for a or wedding or something.

Once the entire Hillside was settled in court the judge began reading the verdict.

He started off by saying the court was convinced Emma was not guilty of premeditated murder.


But then things took a turn for the worse because he said Emma took the competency test to get a fire arm license and was  aware of the consequences of pointing a gun at someone. (Where was this judge when Oscar was on trial?)


Again without any warning he pronounced his findings:  guilty of murder.


Right then and there he sentenced Emma to 12 years in imprisonment. No wasting time.  (I think our South African judiciary can learn something from this judge 😉 )


And then Emma was led away by the police officer.  She just had enough time to ask her mother to look after Thinus and to kiss Marko goodbye.  Xander was speechless.


It was long past time for Emma to move on.  Her stories have been told over and over again.  Repeatedly. How many more times could Emma be terrorised by a psychopath or get married?

I wish some other actors on the show could be as brave as Bertha le Roux and find something else to do. And I wish the 7de laan producers slowly bring in a new family or two.

Here’s hoping the actress a succesful future – however she defines success.


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