Calvin and Charlie isidingo


So out of the blue roommates and former best friends Charlie and Calvin showed romantic interest in each other last week.  Calvin and the new Charlie hardly ever interacted with each, but this week after fixing Calvin’s shirt and checking out his abs, things heated up!

To be honest Maurice Paige’s acting has been really bad and annoying recently, sounding like he’s reciting his lines.  I was pretty much hoping Isidingo would send him for a long trip to Cape Town or overseas.

Plus I never for one minute thought he had any chemistry with Katlego, beyond the first time they got together when they were sneaking behind Jefferson Sibeko’s back.  After that it was hard to believe that a woman so worldly and beautiful like Katlego would have any interest (beyond the physical) with someone as dumb and uninteresting than Calvin Xavier.

As for Charlie Holmes, it took a while to get used to this new actress.  But she’s grown on me.  Especially since they took her out of Bradley Haynes’ orbit.  Those two had a bit of chemistry, but were as dull as dishwater together.

I would rather have seen Charlie with Ntando Sibeko when he was still on the scene.  There was much more storyline that could’ve been explored than with Brad.

Funny enough the Charlie and Calvin dynamic works for me for now.  Both characters immediately became interesting when the chemistry started heating up between the two.  And the fallout will be HUGE when Brad, Katlego and Benjamin Le Roux finds out.

Plus Calvin always had a crush on Charlie back in the day, so this should be entertaining.


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