Paula and Priya and their Cheating Husbands isidingo 7de laan


Paula and Priya have been dealing with the aftermath of their husbands cheating on them for the last two or so weeks.  They are handling their situations very differently!

Both were devastated and heartbroken when they found out their husbands cheated on them.  Paula caught husband Altus with her arch-enemy, Kristin, in his arms in his office.  And Priya’s husband Rajesh confessed out of guilt.

Neither woman expected their upstanding, reliable husband would look at another woman, not to mention sleep with someone else.


Paula is dealing with her grief over the loss of trust in her husband by taking revenge on him and ignoring him.  The only way Paula knows how to deal with her feelings is either to run away or to retaliate.  And this time she’s doing both – running away every time Altus tries to talk to her and retaliating by overspending on his tab.

As she herself confessed to Ntabi last week – she’s being self-centred and selfish for only considering her own feelings when Emma was going through her trial.  But I doubt that she feels like she has to take any responsibility for her marriage problems.

While she isn’t responsible for Altus cheating in any way , she is responsible for not listening when her husband tried to discuss work related things with her and for not taking any interest in his life. But interrupting him to tell another of her stories.

Paula thinks she can’t forgive Altus and should consider divorce.  But then she gets jealous when Altus has lunch with a good-looking client.  She is aware that Altus wants to make amends, but refuses to deal with the affair like a 30-something woman should.

Instead she acts like high school teen interested only in her own image.  It’s like she revels in her sadness.

I think most women would want to know why their darling husbands – the love of their life – cheated.  Why they chose a particular woman.  Why she wasn’t enough for him. How he could risk their marriage. What that woman had that she doesnt’ have. And with Paula so into her looks – why he chose a younger woman. Did he think Kristin was prettier? Younger? More interesting? Was she better in bed?

But in true 7de laan fashion it is all about the two getting back together and nothing about the state of their marriage.  Sooner or later Paula and Altus will find their way to each other.  And carry on as if nothing has happened.

Yet Paula will likely continue to be self-centred and jealous over any woman that comes near Altus and he will continue to be a there to support Paula in her self-centredness.

I feel a bit sorry for Altus having to deal with all that shallowness.


I dont even want to say it but…

Isidingo always gets these things right.  Priya reacted how I expected her to react.  Utter devastation. Incredulous that Rajesh of all people cheated on her.  Angry at him for damaging their marriage.

She could hardly move, could hardly get out of her pyjamas or take care of her hair for a few days. She felt old and unattractive compared to young and beautiful Zak. Even though she is at least as beautiful as Zak.

She thought that maybe it was possible to repair the marriage they built over years.  She and Rajesh sat down and talked.  She first had questions – wanted to know where they had sex, if they were in their bed, how long it was going on for.  She wanted to know that it was over between Rajesh and Zak. And then she asked her husband the question most women would ask.  Are you in love with her?

When he couldn’t answer she told him to get out.

Only then she started retaliating by using the child to really hurt him by sending her away to stay with her parents in Durban.

The difference between Paula and Priya is that Rajesh forces Priya to take responsibility for her part in their marriage problems.  Both of them recognises that the affair was only a symptom of their marital problems.

Altus wants to get back with his wife and Rajesh wants his mistress.

All that’s left now is for Paula and Altus to get back together and for Priya and Rajest to get a divorce.




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