7de Laan January 2015 Spoilers


7de laan February 2015 teasers are up here

Paula and Altus

January brings us NO relief from the Altus and Paula estrangement saga.  Paula actually decides to try online dating – this before she’s even divorced!

Altus is heartbroken that he and Paula were not starting the New Year as a couple.

He realises it’s time to find himself a place of his own (btw where is he  currently staying)?  I wonder if he’ll move into Emma’s place which just happens to be right opposite Paula’s flat. And I wonder who is paying the rent at Paula’s flat.

Marko somehow finds himself in Paula’s world and Altus accuses him of moving in on Paula.

So no growing up for either Paula or Altus for the start of 2015.  Here’s to hoping it happens in February 2015 (say’s she without any real hope of it ever happening).

Bernard and Danelle

Bernard’s fans will be delighted to have more of him on screen in January.  His mother Linda (I almost forgot that Tim and Linda are Bernard’s parents) visits and is introduced to Danelle.

Linda isn’t as taken with Danelle as everyone else is.

Vince and the Deli

Vince is still having family problems and this causes the deli to deteriorate.  Gita is of course on hand to try and work the situation to her benefit.

However towards the end of the month things improve at the Deli.

Felicity and the Boutique

Early in January Felicity holds a party for the closure of the old boutique.  On the 22nd January the new boutique has it’s opening, but before that Hillside is all abuzz getting ready for the launch.

Altus apparently wants to get Paula the most expensive dress for the occassion to impress her.  (How about a paying for an expensive marriage counsillor instead, Altus.)

Other spoilers:

Errol makes a move on Petro (I assume the new OppieKoffie waitress) without much success.

Sonja registers for university

Dewald makes plans for his future.

Ryno sees Lynette

Ty sees someone familiar and thinks Gita is up to no good

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