My 7 Wishes for 7de Laan for 2015


For my final 7de laan post for 2014 I thought it was time for my 7 wishes for 7 de laan for 2015 blog post. If you want to see if my wishes for last year came true, look here .

Thank you to everyone who read and those who commented and tweeted during this year. Have a  safe and peaceful end to 2014 and the same for 2015! See you at 6.30pm week nights 😉

1. Paula and Altus 

This couple really has to mature as individuals and as a couple.  They’ve gone through far too much for Paula still to be playing childish games and for Altus to be putting up with it.

Paula has been my favourite 7de laan character up until this year after she cut and coloured her hair.  That’s when her selfish, self-centredness started getting on my nerves. She looked like a mature 35 year old and acted like an immature 16 year old.

If she wants to divorce Altus, then fine, let her leave him alone.  Their fairytale romance ended when they got married.  My wish is for them to have a child (wait! they had a child who died at birth and of who they seem to have forgotten) and raise him/her or let either of them have fertility issues.   Or deal with the issues of why Altus felt the need to cheat. Let them go to therapy and find out why Paula carries on the way she does and why Altus enables her.

2. Matrone and Hilda

This was on my list last year too and although we saw less of these two, everytime they did appear, I muted my tv.  I cannot watch two grown women be so disrespectful and mean to each other.  It’s annoying. It’s boring.

My wish is this: If they can’t get along, let them stay out of each other’s way.  Like normal people would do.

3. Vince and Neville.

I can’t even say how terrible this story has been written.  Everyone involved became unlikeable. From Neville to Vince.  Charmaine, Xander and Bonita.  Mr Langley. Even Errol. Viewers were not given anyone to root for.

My wish is for Neville to step up and be the head of his family and to stop acting like a spoilt child.  Same for Vince and Xander.

If the writers can’t write for these people, then write them out. But don’t bore us with their constant shouting and self-pity.

4. Bring in new characters! A new family with new drama. Bertus has a ready made family that we know nothing of.  We have no idea if they know that they have a grandchild.  There’s enough story between them and Sonja and her family for a start.  Maybe Bertus has sisters and brothers and an over-protective mother like Madel Terreblance?

My wish is that with the new sets come new characters to breathe life into the same old same old.

5. Gita Stop making Gita try to buy up land we all know she’ll never end up getting. And stop letting her threaten counsillors and everyone in sight.  Write a romance for her or let her run an empire or something other than a travel agency. So at least when she threatens people it’s people she employs.  Why would someone like Gita want the Deli is beyond me. What would she even do with it when she gets it?

6. The gossip! Remember when Zinzi was around gossiping and everyone called her on it? Now Pulane and Kim and everyone else gossips and everyone joins in.  My wish is to please stop it! 7de laan writers.  Stop letting everyone be in everyone’s business all the time.  It get’s claustrophic just watching them.  There’s always someone standing within earshot.

 7. Shock us again. I know the Kristin and Altus affair went against public opinion, but it was the right thing to do. 7de Laan is a soap opera.  The aftermath was a huge disappointment, but at least we got something different, unexpected.  Sending Emma to prison was the right thing too.  The court case was the right thing up to a point.

My wish is that we get more shake-ups but with better resolutions. That unexpected characters dies, et married, have affairs, go off to Spain to find themselves.



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