Vinette Ebrahim – Charmaine on 7de laan – Explains her Facebook Post [video]

This morning when I saw this post credited to 7de Laan’s Vinette Ebrahim, I felt sure that a clone account must’ve been created in her name.


Because which actress in her right mind would say something so controversial…publicly?

But when someone mentioned it on Twitter Friday evening, I had to check it out and came across the video below where Vinette Ebrahim explained why she wrote the controversial Facebook post that went viral.

While I agree 100% with Vinette’s sentiments, I’m not so sure that an actress should get herself involved in Facebook wars. It takes away from the conservative, non-political (apparently) character, Charmaine she plays on 7de laan. Or any role she might take in the future.

(I personally can’t imagine ever seeing a movie or listening to a song sung by Steve Hofmeyr, knowing his view of black people.)

And the day a constructive discussion about race is held on Facebook or other social media platforms, is the day I listen to a whole Steve Hofmeyr song – willingly.

I only read a few responses to the original Facebook post and that was enough for me. It’s hard to believe we live in a country where people are that hateful. Fellow 7de laan viewers, no less. Or ex-7de laan viewers as they threatened to become.

Anyway, below is Vinette Ebrahim’s response in her own words. I may not agree with the fact that she responded to someone writing racists posts on Facebook, but I will defend her right to do so any time any day.

I just wish she had found a different platform to air her views. No good has ever come from debating with people with racists views.


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