Paula Goes on a Date With Richard #7delaan

So Paula has taken to Internet dating to try and get over Altus’ cheating. And probably as part of her revenge plot. (I wonder if she put her relationship status as separated 😉 )

There were some slim pickings on the dating site, however someone named Richard caught Paula’s eye and before you knew it a date was arranged for that same night.

Paula Dating Website

The date went south as soon as Paula – who looked stunning by the way – layed eyes on Richard.  Who as you can see for yourself wasn’t exactly Paula’s type of gentleman.

Paula Richard
Paula meets Richard

And to say that Richard and Paula were mismatched is putting it mildly.  He ordered a brandy and coke to Paula’s house wine. And asked the waitress if Steak and Chips was on the menu.

 Paula immediately got the menu and was ready to skip the starter and dessert and coffee to shorten the date.

To her credit, she did ask him a few introductory questions about his life.

paula date
Paula quizzing her date

When he was told that he didn’t look like his photo on the dating site, Richard responded that the photo was taken 10 pizzas ago when he still bench pressed.

Richard naturally couldn’t believe his luck! He told Paula that she was sexy and that he would have to take a cold shower when he got home.

Richard Paula Date
Richard enjoying his date with Paula

Paula will in all likelihood have gone home and taken a scalding hot shower.

OMW! This was so funny! The best thing to happen in a long time in a very drab depressing few months on 7de laan.

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