Isidingo: Rajesh and Zak – Is it love or is it over?

Zak and Rajesh

On Isidingo, Rajesh and Zak started off so well – as well as any soapie affair can start off, I guess.  Rajesh’s reasoning for wanting to be with Zak seemed so rational.  He wanted a large family and Priya didn’t want anymore children.  However Zak did.

Rajesh was always the one getting the short end of the stick in his previous relationships with Lee Haynes, Cherel and Priya.  And Zak seemed like the first woman that loved him for who he is.

Now though it feels to this Isidingo viewer – like it does in real life when you see two people having an affair.  Disgusting!

Just seeing Rajesh acting foolish by taking his girlfriend to tell his wife that he is in love with her is beyond ridiculous.  You know how foolish two single people can be when in love.  When married people cheat on their partners they seem to get even crazier.

Like love-sick teenagers.  Like people who have never been in love before.

Seeing Rajesh run after Zak every time she leaves after making one of her annoying speeches to end the relationship seems nothing short of silly. Definitely not romantic.

Rajesh even took a day off work to sleep late with Zak and then made plans to visit the zoo and or theme park.  Which meant that no work was getting done in a multi-million Rand company.

Rajesh and Zak in bed

Barker Haynes decided to be the voice of reason and told the two that they were being short-sighted.  That they would lose their business partners and in the process his company and his child.  Not that Rajesh cared one bit.

He is a man in love and all  he wants is to be with Zak. For a sixteen year old boy that might be cute, but in a grown middle-aged man  it looks stupid!

And then when Priya (for no rational reason) asked Zak to leave her family alone, Zak used the words that actually makes you want to laugh at her.  “He completes me.”  Who besides a young woman with little life experience would say that to her boyfriend’s wife?

All the interventions from Barker Haynes and Priya’s visit seems to have gotten through to Zak.  Who knows for how long.

For now Rajesh has lost his wife, child and girlfriend.

Where to from here Isidingo writers?



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