7de laan Spoilers Discussion for February 2015

Things look to be hotting up according to 7de laan spoilers for February 2015.  The Laan will be dripping with drama beyond the usual Paula and Altus marriage nonsense and Vince’s paternity mood swings. (By the way, I wonder if Vince ever thinks  of his own son who must be around 6 years old by now, because he sure never mentions the poor boy. I wonder if Christopher (the boy) will be pitching up in 7de laan in a few years time – shouting and blaming people who had nothing to do with the situation – like Vince is doing now ) Read more about Vince’s son Christopher and his mom, Cecile here

Anyway, lets get to the spoilers for February 2015..

Paula and Altus

These two are not yet together by the end of February.  In fact Paula is looking to date the latest hunk in the Laan and Altus is not at all impressed.  He confronts the guy.

These two should just get divorced if Paula can’t forgive and forget Altus’ affair, because all this drama is unnecessary.  The 7de laan writers can’t seem to write for these two as a married couple.

Meet the new man who will be in Paula’s life

Bernard and Danelle

Linda, Bernard’s mother isn’t a fan of Danelle and has someone else in mind for Bernard.  What??? Who wouldn’t think of Danelle as a perfect (almost too perfect) daughter-in-law.  There’s nothing wrong with that girl.  Imagine having Kim or Pulane for a daughter-in-law!

Danelle can’t handle the pressure from Linda and makes plans for her future that doesn’t include Bernard.  Bernard though tries everything to save their relationship with a surprise planned.

Things do not like good for Bernard and Danelle though. She continues with plans to move back home.

Looks like this is Danelle’s exit from 7de laan

Vince, Bonita and the Meintjies family

Looks like we’re near the end of this nonsense.  Early in February the Meintjies family find themselves enjoying each other’s company again.  Bonita though takes a bit longer to warm up to Vince. The two reconciles after the hostage drama.

Hopefully Vince and Bonita do their arguing behind closed doors, off-screen until they sort themselves out – I doubt it though 😉

More spoilers

– Lynette (that doctor involved with the organ transplant business) turns up in the laan and Ryno is in love again.  There’s a whole story about what the truth is about the organ smuggling she was allegedly involved in.

– Ty’s ex, Antoinette who was presumed dead (mainly because we saw Ty accidentally shooting her while intending to shoot his aunt Gita) pitches up in the Laan again.  She has some memory loss and has also lost the baby she was pregnant with.

– Ty is once again trying to take revenge on Gita.

Drama in Oppie Koffie

Oppie Koffie is held up by robbers – over 3 days – and most of the Laan are held hostage!  Marko is shot and saved by Dr Lynette. Gita and Ty help the police find a secret way into Oppie Koffie. The robbers eventually eat food laced with sleeping pills and falls asleep. Thereby ending the hostage situation. (Only on 7de laan.)

So there seem to be a whole lot going down in the Laan but getting Vince to stop his moods and Paula and Altus to move forward would be the biggest relief so they can get back-burnered for a while.  I think most of us have had enough of them all.

It’s good to see Bernard and Danelle get a big story at last. And all the other characters are involved in stories as well.

Read the day to day spoilers here

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