7de laan Says Goodbye to Lindile

This week 7de laan said goodbye to Lindile (real name Musa Ngema ) with a memorial service in Oppie Koffie.  Attended by the laan residents, Lindile’s uncle and presumably gym clients.

Lindile’s friends and clients taking a few minutes out of their busy schedules to look sad

A week or two ago Lindile was murdered because he snitched on a drug dealer.  Before that he dealt performing enhancing drugs to his clients in the gym to help out his friend.

It was a bit worrying to see Lindile’s friends and colleagues go about their business as if he meant nothing to them.  Kim and Herman, his boss and colleague, who spent most of their day (when not walking around poking their noses into other people’s business) were merrily involved at Eclectic-E’s final clearance sale.

Even Lindile’s pals – Errol, Diederik, Bernard, Sifiso and the other younger laan gang seemed to not be too bothered that he was no longer amongst the living.  Or that he was brutally murdered and his body dumped like a sack of garbage.   Strange for people who spent a lot of time socialising with him, not to mention he regularly helped some of them with their fitness goals.

The only person who showed any emotion was poor Aggie who was heartbroken.  Which you could totally understand knowing how long it took 7de laan to get her a partner before Lindile’s arrival.  Although Aggie was far too good for Lindile, I might add.

Ntabi and Paula looking sad for two minutes before making everything about them and their love lives


Just remembering Lindile’s moodiness in hindsight- I wonder if he himself wasn’t using steriods to enhance those muscles he had.  He was more than a bit grumpy and aggressive, taking it out on Aggie a lot of the time.

Although working with Herman and Kim couldn’t have been easy for anyone.  Just watching them on tv is aggravating.

But let’s rather not talk more ill of the dead or his annoying colleagues.

Herman made a nice little speech at the memorial – while admitting that he and Lindile knocked heads once in a while.  And Sifiso was given the task of speaking as a good friend (although I’m not sure that I remember him being any more close to Lindile than the others were).

Herman trusted Lindile’s judgement even though he sold drugs in his gym


It was good to see Aggie getting some screen time that was a bit more than just getting coffee and cookies and being best, best friend to Paula.  And Mimi Mahlasela’s acting was so good.  Heart breaking.

So that’s the end of Lindile.  Unlike Aggie and much like his so-called friends, I can’t say I’ll be shedding any tears for Lindile.

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