Isidingo Spoilers Discussion for February 2015


The Isidingo spoilers for February 2015 looks kind of interesting.

So it appears Zak is gone from Isidingo for now.  It’s not a bad thing, because she was starting to look really, really bad carrying on with delusional Rajesh.  I won’t mind if she comes back again in the future though – and actually I hope she does.  But maybe with a more relaxed wardrobe for her out of office look.  It will also make her look more relaxed and normal. I won’t even mind if she gets back together with Rajesh after his divorce is final.

Priya and Rajesh

These two are still going full on with their divorce battle with their little girl Hiranya, right in the middle.

In April the divorce between Priya and Rajesh is finalized.

Sechaba and Lerato

Sechaba and Lerato are still misunderstanding each other.  He can’t understand what’s going on with her.

Towards the end of the month Sechaba once and for all decides that Lerato is the one for him and starts to get serious about winning his relationship with Lerato back.

However, Lerato won’t just allow Sechaba back in her life so easily. After she is forced to move out of her home in March due to it being flooded, Lerato moves in with Sechaba. But not for long. She ends up moving in with Calvin and Charlie.

Barker and Bradley

Barker is still mentoring Bradley into his world. But things aren’t going according to plan. Brad finds out some of Barker’s dirty tricks.

I hope Isidingo takes Bradley slowly but surely to the grey side.  Barker needs someone on his side and anyway, Bradley needs to get some edge to him.

Bradley and Pelisa

Pelisa is back! Yayyy! And she’s there for Bradley.  These two were soooo good together the last time, I hope it continues.  Plus she’s the daughter of Georgie Zamdela and he’s Barker Haynes’ nephew.  So can you even imagine that drama? A much better storyline for Brad.

Ben, Charlie and Calvin

Ben wants Charlie and he wants to control every aspect of her life.  And Calvin can’t do anything about it.  Charlie and her mother are again going to be at odds (have mercy on us poor viewers!)  I just hope we’re not going to see Charlie do drugs again.

Priya sees something and warns Charlie about Ben. Charlie is onto Ben though and turns the table on him. In March Benjamin Lee Roux us all about taking revenge on Priya.

I hope we get to see some Charlie and Calvin scenes.

Sizwe and Zukisa

Zukiswa kisses S’ku at the Valentine’s Day kiss-a-thon which (of course) upsets Sizwe.  Their relationship is put to the test when Sizwe gets jealous.

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