Bernard introduces Danelle to Linda on 7de laan


On Monday Linda arrived in 7de Laan, Hillside, with a sprained ankle and a brain transplant apparently. Instead of being happy to see her son and wanting to know everything about what’s going on in his life, she went on and on and on about nothing.

Leaving Bernard no chance to introduce Danelle, who was standing mere centimeters away from them. We must probably assume that Bernard and/or his mother don’t contact each other by social media, email, cellphone or anything other than a landline. Because she knew nothing of the love of her son’s life. Had apparently never seen a picture or video clip of her.

The woman he says he wants to marry.

When Bernard eventually got a word in edge wise, he kind of hesitated to tell his mother he has a girlfriend. But then later he said he told his mom a few times about Danelle already. None of which makes any sense.

That’s 7de laan for you. They make up things and forget other things as they go along as if viewers don’t have memories.

Linda had someone else, Lienkie, in mind for Bernard to date. The daughter of a friend.

Wishful thinking, Bernard?

After some Ryno intervention Linda agreed to meet Danelle for supper at Ryno’s house, cooked by Evalina. Danelle arrived looking pretty and respectably dressed.

You would think Linda would’ve got up from the couch and grabbed and hugged that girl. Then thanked her lucky stars that Danelle wasn’t a 40-something mother of her ex-husband’s child.

In fact, Linda didn’t seem bothered at all that she might run into her arch-nemesis, Gita,  earlier when she was in Oppie Koffie.

Maybe she forgot all about the fact that Gita was involved in the break up of her marriage and then seduced her son, Bernard.

Instead she gave Danelle the third degree because well…she doesn’t have a degree or a ‘proper’ job. Nor a rich, distinguished family. (I wonder what qualifications Linda has and if any what she does with it.)

No degree or career plans, Danelle?

And Bernard just stood there! Like a boy taking his first girlfriend home. Never mind that he openly defied his mother before when he knew how much it hurt her to see him with Gita McGregor.

Poor Danelle just stood there, looking bewildered.

The Linda who we last saw would have been happy that her son was seeing someone who is stable and normal. All of a sudden she thinks she can tell Bernard who to date when she couldn’t do so before.

Having said that…it’s nice to see Danelle and Bernard in their own storyline. It’s just a pity the 7de laan writers had to contrive a ridiculous situation for that to happen

Andrea Stresso who plays Danelle will be leaving her friends in 7de laan soon, read more here.

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