Paula’s New Boyfriend Eben 7de laan

So Paula recently decided that she would never be able to trust Altus again after (conveniently) catching him talking to Kristin.

She said she would never be able to trust if he called to say he was working late again and thought divorce was her only option.

On 11 February (according to the 4 February issue of TvPlus), a new character Eben will be coming between Paula and Altus.

“Who is this Eben?” you may ask (read first impressions here). He just happens to be friends with Dali, Ntabi’s new boyfriend and is visiting him in 7de laan, Hillside where he lays eyes on Paula. They have immediate chemistry even though Marko later tells Eben that Paula is married.

Jacques Bessenger plays Eben

Eben is played by 34 year old Jacques Bessenger.

You might have seen him playing Renier on Erfsondes or Lucas in Isidingo. On Erfsondes he was the good looking baddie who played with Sam’s heart. On Isidingo he played the doctor who had it in for Barker Haynes and wanted to steal his heart since Barker had his brother’s heart.

What will he do with Paula’s heart?

Altus really has competition on his hands! Unlike his choice Kristin, Eben is a real catch, just from the look of him!

Some new March 2015 spoilers say we can expect him to be around 7de laan in February, March and April at least.

Altus is probably going to be grumpy like a bear with a sore head. But he brought it on himself.

Paula files for divorce from Altus in March 2015 and it’s going to get very ugly. Altus will acquire the legal services of 7de laan’s lawyer for all seasons Xander. Paula will get another attorney.

Do you think Altus even stand a chance against handsome Eben?


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