Danelle Stands up for herself on 7de laan

Since Linda’s arrival in Hillside, Danelle has been forced out of her shell. Who wouldn’t after  constantly being insulted by the man you love’s mother?

Bernard hasn’t help matters by forcing Danelle’s company on Linda. He invited her to a mother/son catch up dinner at an expensive restaurant without warning either. And he knows Linda has another girl, Lienkie in mind as a future daughter-in-law.

And then acted like it was a big joke when Linda got nasty with his girlfriend at dinner. He also did nothing when Danelle fled from the restaurant after another of Linda’s snobbish insults.

The next day Danelle was so upset and angry she didn’t want to go to work, fearing that she might run into Bernard. Bernard though was clueless.

At the end of the day, after work, Bernard followed her home and eventually Danelle let him into the girls flat.


For the first time we saw Danelle lose her temper. She was fuming. Angry that Bernard didn’t understand how much his mother hurt her feelings. Again Bernard tried to laugh things off. He said if Danelle and Linda just spent time with each other and got to know each other they  would get along.

Danelle told him to leave.

The next morning at breakfast Linda told an upset Bernard that it was for the best if he and Danelle broke up since they are not well suited. Bernard told her that Danelle is the girl for him. End of story.

On advice from Pulane, Bernard decided to woo Danelle with flowers. The first bunch didn’t do the trick. She was still fuming, but after she gave the second bunch to Kim, Bernard charged into Oppie Koffie and told Danelle she is the love of his life and he can’t lose her.


The two made up and kissed. And Kim made off with the flowers.

But Linda was far from done keeping the them apart.

On seeing the two together she looked like she was not going to be accepting of Danelle any time soon.

When Bernard suggested to Danelle that she join him and Linda for dinner she politely declined. Playing right into Linda’s hands. Bernard’s cruel mother had arranged a ‘business’ dinner to discuss his career, meaning he had to break his date with Danelle.

Later, on discussing the state of her relationship with Kim, Danelle mentioned that she only had to endure not seeing Bernard often until Linda went back to Cape Town in two weeks time.

Then Kim started talking about marriage and getting along with her mother-in-law. But doesn’t seem that anyone is hearing what Danelle keeps saying…she loves Bernard, but she is too young to get married. They have lots of time before that.


Linda’s meddling ways might have the desired effect after all, without intending to. By forcing Bernard to defy his mother and pushing Danelle for a lifelong commitment too far too soon.

Andrea Stresso who plays Danelle is leaving 7de laan soon. Read more about it here.

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