Linda was so Nasty to Danelle on 7de laan

The fact that Danelle was able to listen to Linda insult her like she did on 7de laan tonight, speaks of her good upbringing. Because most other women would have at the very least walked out on her before she uttered one word.

Some might even have thrown a pot of coffee in her general direction.

That woman is nothing short of rude. Classless. Vindictive.

She actually told Danelle – to her face – that she’s glad her and Bernard broke up. That she isn’t good enough for Bernard. She would never have fit into the Jordan family. She would’ve held him back!


Danelle on the other hand was stunned by the woman’s venomous words. She told her that just because she’s from a small town doesn’t make her stupid or ignorant. She said she’s not ashamed of who she is or where she comes from. And Bernard hasn’t had a problem with her background before.


But Linda was not to be moved. She stepped up the viciousness telling Danelle s breakup now will spare them future heartache.


Bernard at another table in Oppie Koffie, looked horrified by what was going on between Danelle and his mother. No doubt tomorrow we will see him let loose on her.

It seems Linda feels threatened by Danelle. She sees her as a serious potential marriage partner for Bernard. Danelle is almost perfect – she’s pretty, has a sweet personality,  and Bernard loves her. His mother feels like she is going to totally lose him to Danelle.

Her problem isn’t really that Danelle won’t fit in, it’s exactly the opposite. She’s afraid that she will fit in and be the main woman in her only son’s life.

Lots of mother’s in law carry on like that. It’s so unnecessary though. Usually the sons marry the woman their mother despises anyway. Just saying, Linda.

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