Paula and Eben Meet -First Impressions #7delaan

The very minute Paula noticed Eben taking an interest in her in Oppie Koffie, she was back to her old ways. Tossing her now much shorter and less blonder hair all over the place, touching her hair and face and smiling.

Paula was back in the game! Getting her flirt on.


Eben (read more about him here), the new guy in 7de laan, walked into Hillside with all the confidence and swagger in the world! The man is good looking and he knows it. Just Paula’s type – pre-Altus.

No game playing around for this guy! He’s straight and to the point, letting Paula know he is interested. Yet he doesn’t look like the type who will be doing any more chasing than is necessary to get his girl.


Eben looks like someone who is going to be nothing but trouble in the long run. Just like Paula’s exes before she got married. Both Dali and Eben look a bit dodgy, so all we can do is wait and see what (if anything) they are up to.

We definitely need a good looking bad guy again in the Laan and Eben sure looks like it. Or I hope so!

Altus is not going to like the look of Eben at all. Watch out Bruynwaves staff!

*Eben is said to be in the 7de laan until at least through April.

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